How It Works

Pottery Painting

1. Select a piece of pottery

       We have over 100 items to choose from that include plates, bowls, mugs, vases, platters, seasonal items, kids items, and much more!


2.  Choose your colors and design

      We have everything you need to create a hand-painted work of art.  No artistic ability needed!  Our staff is always ready to help. 

      We also have stamps, sponges, and stencils that are all easy to use.


3.  Paint your pottery!


Pottery is ready for pick up in about a week.

Pricing - price of pottery plus studio fee

              Adults - $8

              Kids - $5


It’s just another way to express your creativity. They are fun, easy and you can take them home the same day you make them. We have step by step instructions for you to follow and then you just take it home with grout to finish. There is a large selection of items to choose from including small plaques, mirrors, frames and tables to name a few.

Glass Fusing

Glass is fun and easy to do and the projects make great gifts. You just start with a glass blank, glue down the design pieces you like, and we fire it for you.

Glass can also be made into bowls, platters, and vases. We always have someone here to help.